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 Its been 5 years since I have ardently pursued hindi movies, if anything comes my way I'll just watch it and frankly speaking my opinion of the B’wood industry had gone drastically down due to its unnecessary skin show which in no way relates to the movie.
And in the name of comedy they direct some crap movies, poor hindi speaking people are destined to watch it because they don’t prefer to learn any other language other than hindi, thus far the situation had been the same. 

So, naturally I lost my interest in watching hindi movies, very rarely, at times  people suggests few good movies then i watch it!  Highway is one among the movie. It nailed the emotions perfectly with a force you would just jump into the characters.

When I watch a movie, I always prefer to connect with the character or at least the leading person part, I knew it to be a psychological thing because, we watch crap movies as an excellent ones just because shah rukh khan or ameer khan in it. Isn’t it?   

As a normal human I m also affected by these normal psychological factors, there should be a lead actor who must make me feel to watch a movie, because movies in hindi speaking industry especially in the recent times have been nothing but pathetic if you want honesty.

PK is a bit of relief  but in my view, PK Is also an out and out commercial movie with a social message, which obviously made no changes in the mind sets of people, in fact, I came out of the cinema hall, I forgot completely about the movie, later I decided to tweet, then too I didn’t recall many factors hence, I just generally said the movie was good. 
“Those who love god but not religion can watch this movie” – This was my  tweet

But it didn’t make any impact in my mind, apparently india is a country with very strong hindu sentiments, its uncommonly difficult for anyone to shake it, that’s why Jainism-buddhism-christianity-even islam play a tiny role in the country’s representation on the whole. Being created here, Buddhism is nowhere to be found, now you must how strongly terrorized these Hindu’s mind sets are!  The reason behind I wrote the previous lines are for, PK is kind of a movie, though it relays a good commercial message, those who dwell into our own thinking, hardly change it.

Highway made the impact in me that PK did not! Day before yesterday, when I started watching high way, I hardly had any expectations, because the hero, I have not even heard of him before, Heroine is the not so beautiful but very charming, spunky alia bhatt. Frankly when I had started I   was least interested to watch it, just thought I shall go with the flow because I had to pass my weekend in my boring hostel room.
From the first scene till the end, the movie gripped me hard, that I had to watch it without even turning my head! Firstly I would like to congratulate Imtiaz ali for projecting the emotions in a real way, one of my friend had felt, alia was over acting, but I wont accept that view, because, for a girl who had gone through sexual abuses in her child hood and had lived a life of monotonous typical delhi high class boredom, surely would have few psychological desperations which would come out when the situation forces the person, I sincerely feel, alia had given the best that she can! Excellent acting!

When the movie started I was so afraid it would lead to a rape scene, because that is what happens, when the girl gets kidnapped, thankfully it was not the case here!
Is it possible to fall in love with a rugged looking, uneducated, illiterate who has kidnapped you, who has beaten you up, who ignores you! Yes, you can! Two lost souls found a peace in together with serenity, it was just beautiful! 
Every scene has its own importance, for the funnier part, how alia and the driver guy dances for English music, and the hero had to control his urge to join with her or at least enjoy the atrocious nuisance she was creating. It was fun to watch, alia was so natural in her dance moves, and slowly getting into the rhythm the driver starts dancing, truly it was a marvelous scene! Well, I enjoyed it!
The most important message this movie gives us is the child molestation.  It happens everywhere, when I was young I thought only I had gone through that, but recently i asked my best friend, have you had any nasty experiences like me, she said so many!

People who have girl children, please teach them good and bad touches, protect them even from your family members, because I had heard of forceful incest which happens very commonly in the country, but obviously we are a back door society, which means, all that is bad happens in the back drop, but in the front we portray as a puritanical religious group which we are not! Despite the girls age, tell them these things, so that they wouldn’t be scared to reach out when the situation arises. It’s a humble request!
The slow deep love progresses as the movie, by this time, you are already in love with the hero,  this dirty looking guy impressed me with his acting skills, when people like this are in the industry, we are still stuck up with SRK saif ali khan kind, which is very sad, but, each and every scene, this guy had lived the character! 
When he abducts her, when he asks her to run, when she comes back hugging him so he pushes her away or when he forcefully scolds her for going to loo without letting him know! The level of decency which showed in this movie was awesome!
Finally as a girl who cherish romantic moments like a flower, I found the travel in the truck above was the best, when he gives the quilt for her to cover herself, she takes his hands put it behind herself and the entire travel time, she travels holding him! Beautiful art it was! 
I am a person who cannot take sad endings, because I dwell into the character so much, I feel if something bad happens in the story! While watching the movie, I checked out wiki page on the movie, it had clearly stated the movie has a sad ending and the hero dies in the end! 
So I was a bit prepared for the ending, but the way the hero was shot was very sad, but my worry is that they didn’t even have a decent conversation about themselves, but then I consoled myself the love is so deep, talking is not required there.
When she goes back to re-live the moments, on the way she stops the car to cry over, first I did not understand, then I realized it was the same place he abducted her! The moment she cries mahabir and looking over the sky to feel that he was there! 
Brilliant movie making – I loved highway, it was worth spending my time, movies like these I wouldn’t mind spending my paisa in the theaters!
If you haven’t seen it yet, please do watch it! 
With love,

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