Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Da vinci code- Alien world entrance

Dan brown's the da vinci code enthralls you with its deep core knowledge of the holy grail, Christianity and how the world had always made sure that the reality was kept hidden under or be called as an asylum where in the dominance based fabricated facts are now considered history.

I was forced to acknowledge neither the truth doesn't have value nor it instigates the real interest in people, the real researchers do find the facts, but the facts cannot be proved as facts because of the lack of proof.

This novel i bought recently to make me come out of regency romance novels, i had become an addict, i felt it was time, i should change the genre's i read. Not that i m against romance genre reading, in fact i thoroughly believe for a woman any kinda depression can be cured via a beautifully described hero in a novel. I love them, thus read them.

The da vince code provoked me, made me think, wonder about the artist called Leonardo da vinci, the scientist, philosopher, artist etc and  revolutionary during the 15th century by being a homosexual(of course, it has not been proven)

I have been reading this novel for the past few days and i have been intrigued by the man himself, and the boldness of dan brown for writing something that has proven to be the most daring thing possible, opposing the world for Christians and Christianity wouldn't have been so easy for him i dare say

I loved every minute of the da vinci code, it has taken me to a new ride full of thrills, anticipation, suspense, deep core feeling of discovering something new.

I had become a fan of robert langdon and sophie , but i wished dan brown had elaborated their romance a bit, after all that would make the novel more spicy and tangy yet i deeply understand the need of dan brown to stick to a single line, the search of holy grail.

At last when langdon find the solution, i felt a sensible satisfaction that the holy grail is in safe hands. Yeah heard english scholars like salman rushdie had commented on the language skills but so far i had observed salman rushdie seems to be commenting about everyone's book who has not got great english writing skills, Thank heavens i haven't read any of his books so far.

There are some books just made for going with the ride without any thinking from our end, yet we end up thinking so much about it, the da vince code is one among them, it speaks volumes about reality, but we are in kalyug, where in we just hear the truth and ignore it, this book could probably be the one.


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