Tuesday, September 30, 2014

40th Green walk - Rock Festival

40th Green walk rock festival has been successfully completed, It happened like a fast paced thriller movie with unbelievable interruptions.

I dare say, I enjoyed it a lot because of those interruptions which had happened.
Court judgment interfered, blissful rain, don’t know about others, I thoroughly enjoyed driving my two wheeler to the venue- – keelakuyilkudi..

Face paced life style, running nowhere but somewhere in life, like everyone around me, I also long for peace, greenery, simplicity.
Where else one could get it other than green walk. 

What they had promised they delivered beautifully, rock festival promised exhilaration, substance, deep core knowledge, photography, talented people and friends. You could get all in one package, who would miss it for heaven’s sake! Thank god I didn’t! 

We were expecting around 1500 people, but because of the nature’s wonderful curse only 500 turned up, nevertheless, it was a beautiful experience having so many people around especially kids.

Shanthalingam sir’s speech was just magnificent, I chuckled so many times listening to his speech especially when he under estimated himself by saying, he got his respect back after participating in green walk.

I know the effort and pain Muthukrishnan sir and our green walk colleagues had gone through, it had paid off, having all those negatives such as no buses and heavy rain, still people participated, so we can imagine how far and how strongly green walk had reached.
 I m proud on their behalf and also as a participant.

First many were not sure whether it would happen or not, due to the reasons I mentioned above, but it did.

It was a through enjoyment day for the kids, they enjoyed listening to the experts talk about samanar caves and its history. Making kids come out of TV and video games these days are surely a challenge, but last Sunday, green walk had successfully achieved that.
Games were conducted, competitions energized people, prizes were distributed, even the local village boys participated and they were all exhilarated taking prizes home! Seeing their smiles made many of us smile J
I wouldn’t wanna miss green walk mainly because it gave me friends, wonderfully talented and updated friends who would also indirectly urge you to do something in your life. When everyone around you have talent, you would be little embarrassed to not have done something spectacular in your life and it instigates, positively, of course! 

It’s a place for photography, unfortunately or fortunately this time I had decided not to take any pictures from my phone, so I just clicked pictures through my eyes without letting an electronic instrument disturbing my peace when I m enjoying the reality! 
So much of wasted food, lots of tension, gripping moments – in the end, it was a success, yes few writers couldn’t turn up, but the event happened just as it would with every one of them around, successfully.
Now I am eagerly waiting for the 50th Festival!!! 

Forgive me for stealing some of your pictures, i haven't taken my own, hence took some of these wonderful pics from the green walk page.

Prathi surendran


  1. superb writeup...goahead like this in future, as n when time permits. proud of yu!

  2. Welcome to the Green walk bloggers club... Excellent sharing of experience... Keep sharing...

  3. Was a nice write up..wonderful n blissful words...keep going...best wishes ...